As a cardiac nurse, I understand about all of the things that you’ve been through. I know the medications you’re taking, the side effects and the do’s and don’ts. My passion is to get your mojo back by helping you get fitter, stronger and more confident, so you can do all the things you love to do again.

Who Am I?

  • An experienced Cardiac Nurse - I have over 14 years cardiac nursing experience in a variety of areas - cardiac wards, intensive care, outpatients, pre-assessments, patient education and as a cardiac rehab nurse specialist. I’ve seen the patient journey from start to finish and know how little information people get about exercise and a healthy diet.
  • A specialist Personal Trainer - I have been a personal trainer since I moved to London in 2008. I’ve trained hundreds of people in a variety of gyms and eventually combined my passion of cardiac health and exercise to build my own gym in 2017. After completing my Cardiac Rehab qualification, I now see private clients in my studio in East Molesey, Surrey and now also offer online programmes. My clients live as far away as Malaysia, Australia and the USA!
  • A Nutritional Therapist (in training!). I am studying my Diploma in Nutrition and will be focusing my research and assignments on topics such as Magnesium and Hypertension, Saturated Fat and Heart Disease, Supplements and Heart Medications and more.
  • I have a particular desire to help people who want to get fit and keep fit in spite of their medical history and love people have that ‘aha’ moment when they realise they can exercise safely AND enjoy life after a major heart problem.

About Healthy Hearties

At Healthy Hearties we want you to live your best life when you have a heart condition.
We will help to get your mojo back and get you feeling fit and strong in a safe and fun way!

Angela has been a cardiac nurse for over 14 years and became an exercise specialist to get Hearties moving with confidence and living their lives to the fullest again. An Aussie, she is known for her competitive nature and terrible jokes.

Catrice is the Healthy Hearties customer service and social media officer. She can often be heard singing to 80’s and 90’s music and loves mexican food!