Painful, creaking joints? I know just the thing for them...

By Angela Hartley on 20 May 2021

Get those painful, creaking joints moving again!

When it comes to the list of ailments I see in my exercise clinic, aching, creaking and painful joints has got to be up there in the top 3! So I'm always searching out for anything that may help my clients to reduce the pain, inflammation and frustration that comes with joint pain.

You'll understand then why I was so happy to hear that one of my favourite UK supplement companies - Feel, was releasing a brand new Joints formula and I couldn't wait to try them! I have been using some of the other Feel products for over a year now - their Multi has been amazing for my energy levels. I also take their Omega 3 which is vegan (have you seen the new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy? Put me right off taking fish oil supplements...) and their Beauty supplement which has definielty reduced my eczema flare ups and randomly also helps me sleep better!

Unfortunately, as we age, joint pain becomes more and more common. It usually arises in a number of different places in the body, but the tops complaints are:

  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Fingers

There are a wide range of reasons for joint pain but here are the most common I see in my exercise clinic:

  • Age - wear and tear over time leads to joints stiffening and loss of cartilage
  • Old injuries - that have simply never returned to full strength and the pain tends to linger
  • Osteoarthritis - risk factors include genetics, age and sedentary lifestyle
  • Rheumatoid arthritis - an autoimmune condition
  • Being overweight - excess weight puts more pressure on your joints and can cause pain
  • Having a repetitive job eg sitting all day, driving trucks, lifting things
  • Being sedentary - joints like movement!
So, what is good for joints - hyddration, movement and nutrients! Specifically, anti-inflammatory nutrients. What I love about the new Feel Joints formula is it contains a good dosage of several anti-inflammatory compunds which work to reduce pain, stiffness and swelling. 

Most joint supplements don't target the root cause of pain - inflammation. So most treatments are like putting a plaster on a wound - it may feel ok for awhile, but nothing has been done to reduce the actual cause. And because most of you reading this are Hearties, you've probably heard of inflammation before and know that it is not a good thing. 

exercise helps joint pain


Things you should already be doing things that can help to reduce inflammation include:

  • Reducing processed foods and sugar from your diet

  • ​Reducing or eliminating gluten from your diet

  • Reducing stress

  • Exercising regularly

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Maintaining stable blood sugar levels

  • Keeping joints warm

This is the next step you need to take - a targeted supplement that help to reduce chronic inflammation in the joints with nutrients that have been backed by clinical research.

feel joints


The nutrients in every Feel Joints supplement include:

  • Longvida optimised curcumin extract - curcumin is the yellow pigment in tumeric, the yellow spice often used in curries. It's been well researched to show that it can help to reduce inflammation and has been used for joint pain for many years. Feel's Logvida curcumin has been shown to be 285 times MORE bioavailable compared to other curcumin supplements. I've written all about the health benefits of Tumeric and Curcumin HERE if you want to check it out.

  • Quercetin - the red/purple coloured fruits and vegetables that are so good for you contain the antioxidant quercetin. Feel Joints contains 200mg of quercetin.

  • Ginger, rosehip and Vitamin C - all have been shown to help improve arthritis symptoms.

  • Bamboo extract - this helps to maintain joint flexibility

  • Boswellia Serrata - can help to provide joint mobility and flexibility

  • Vitamin D3 for healthy bones. 20mcg which is a standard dose for anyone looking to boost their vitamin D.

All in all, a fantastic range of nutrients that have the clinical research backing them. These supplements are a must for anyone who's fed up with creaking joints and can't do their squats and lunges (or walk upstairs) without feeling that pain in their joints. 

Let's get you moving again with less pain!

Frequently asked questions:


Q: How long do I need to take them for to notice a difference?

A: Give these a go for a few months to give the nutrients a chance to work with your body. 

Q: I take medications, are these safe to take?

A: As with any new supplement, always check with your doctor and/or pharmacist to ensure these are safe to take with your medications. Curcumin may not be suitable for those who take blood thinners.

Q: I've tried so many different things for my joint pain before, why are these different?

A: This formula has been developed with a unique combination of nutrients that specifically help to reduce oxidation and inflammation. 

Q: Are there any fillers in the supplements and what is the packaging made of?

A: There are no fillers, additives, colours or nasties. Other than the nutrients, the only other ingredients are Tapioca Pullulan Casule shell which is 100% plant based, rice extract which is gluten free and nothing else! I also LOVE that Feel have really thought about their environmental impact - all of their packaging is plastic free (hooray!) and is made of cardboard or paper so you can recycle it.

Q: How much are they and do I have to commit to a set amount?

A: All of the Feel supplements are very reasonably priced, considering the high quality and amount of nutrients you are getting. They are delivered direct to your door. You can sign up to a monthly subscription which saves you money or just buy a one off packet for around £24, whatever you prefer! I started out with a single box and then realised I would run out and take a week or so to reorder which meant I went awhile without them and really noticed the difference so I now love the subscription which means I never forget! You can use the discount code JOINTS20 to get 20% off your first box. 

Any questions for me - just send them to me HERE!

Note: Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before adding any new supplements to your daily regime. 

As an ambassador to Feel I do get a little commission when you buy through my links but I'm genuinely happy when I get feedback telling me that these supplements have helped someone to be able to move more with less pain - makes me so happy! I don't recommend anything that I haven't thoroughly researched and/or tried myself.