Getting Started on Your Healthy Heart Journey

By Angela Hartley on 16 April 2021

This is the start of your healthy heart journey. You are in the right place and thank you for visiting. This site aims to help you become healthier, fitter and have a happy, healthy heart. 


Feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus? You’re not alone. When you’ve been diagnosed with a heart condition there are plenty of emotions that you go through: shock, anger, sadness, grief, disbelief, acceptance, annoyance, frustration, then back to anger again. That’s completely normal. Oh I forgot confusion. That’s a big one. Plenty of people are trying to do the ‘right’ thing in keeping their heart and body health. But what is that? I’m here to help you figure that out.

So who am I and why have I created this website?

I’m Angela Hartley, creator of Healthy Hearties. All this started with a Facebook Group, called, not surprisingly, Healthy Hearties. We have so many wonderful members sharing ideas, advice, support and wisdom that I thought, why not put all this into one place where you can find all that you need about heart health, nutrition, exercise, supplements and the one we often forget, your mind (or mental health).

I look forward to taking you on a journey to improving your energy, fitness and health and getting that ‘spark’ back that you may be missing.

Here’s to a Happy Heart!