Reduce Your Stress Levels Naturally

By Angela Hartley on 08 October 2021

Stress or anxiety is common in our busy lives

A little bit of stress helps get us up in the morning and keeps us motivated. However, too much stress can lead to burnout, fatigue, digestive issues, sleep problems and other health issues. Both acute (at the time) and chronic (if it goes on for a long time) stress can increase blood pressure which will impact on your heart health so it's important to reduce stress levels where possible and improve your ability to handle stress.

Think about what causes you to feel stressed, such as work, family, finances or illness. Once you know what's causing your stress, consider how you can eliminate or reduce stress e.g. by delegating tasks, saying 'no' more or by asking others for help.


If you can't eliminate all of your stressors, try to manage with them in a healthier way. See the next page for tips.                        

Try not to let stress build-up

it's better to deal with small problems sooner rather than letting them build up. Talk to someone about it if you feel overwhelmed - there is a wide range of support out there, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Talking Therapy and other options which your GP can refer you to.                             

Tips To Reduce Stress 


Enlist a support network
Often the people that care about your most don't know that you are stressed - they are usually more than happy to help if you ask.         


Take regular breaks for deep-breathing exercises
Deep breathing for just a few minutes each day has been shown to help relax the body and mind and can improve your blood pressure, lower your heart rate, improve your sleep and make you feel calmer. 


Have a massage or try yoga or meditation
Get out into nature without your phone or try sitting down in a quiet space and listening to what’s going on around you. Some great Mindfulness Apps include Headspace and Calm. 

Regular walking also helps
It helps to de-stress as well as has great fitness benefits. Exercise is fantastic to help reduce stress - anything that you enjoy that gets you moving is great! 

Find an activity that you enjoy
Our lives are now so busy so schedule it in! Ideas include reading a book, catching up with a friend, watching a movie - whatever you like to do! 

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