Why Having a ‘Why’ Is the Most Important Part

By Angela Hartley on 23 September 2021

Ever wondered why some people can get out of bed earlier to go for a run, while others just can’t seem to get motivated to get out the door? It may be more to do with your brain than you think! Having a really good reason ‘why’ can be key to getting you motivated. Firstly, you need to have a ‘big’ goal. Not just ‘I want to lose 8lb’. It needs to go deeper than that. What would losing that 8lb do for you? Would it mean someone at work noticing your new dress? Is it your kids being kids and saying ‘we want Daddy to come to the park because you can’t keep up’? 


Having this big goal will help to keep you focused. It means when you can’t be bothered doing that exercise class, or go to reach into the back of the cupboard for the crisps, it will make you stop and think, ‘hang on, I need to be able to run around the park with my kids and I know this moves me further away from that’. It doesn’t work ALL the time but it certainly helps you to stop and think. 


So stop the wishy washy goals of ‘losing weight’ just so the scale number goes down. Make it a big, hairy, scary goal. One which makes you dream of what you’ll look like, what you’ll feel like and what others will say to you when you achieve that goal. Write this down and pop it somewhere obvious, like your fridge or mirror. 


Then think about the big WHY - why do you need to achieve that goal? What will happen if you don’t?  This isn’t to make you feel guilty if you don’t achieve it, it’s more to make sure your brain knows it’s extra important to you. Try adding the words ‘So that’ to your goal. For example if your goal is ’To fit into my dress for my son’s wedding’ your big why may be ’So that I feel happy and confident all day and I can dance all night without feeling exhausted’. Put this next to your goal so you can see it every day. 


Next, break that huge goal into smaller goals. So if your huge goal is to run around the park with your kids without puffing, or to lose 8lb and fit into a certain dress, what steps do you need to take to get there? Week 1 may be as simple as drinking more water and hiding the crisps! Week 2 may be to meet with a friend every Tuesday for a walk. Week 3 is to cut out the late night snacking and switch it for a more positive activity like doing a puzzle, talking to a friend or doing a YouTube workout.


So, go on, write down what your BIG goal is and WHY this is so important to you. 


If you need help figuring out what your ‘big why’ is and how to get there, reach out! Send me a message - I’d love to chat!

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