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Exercise With a Heart Condition

Have you been diagnosed with a heart condition and are unsure what exercise to do? You’re in the right place then! My name is Angela Hartley and I’m here to teach you all about exercise and how to get (and stay) fit when you have had a heart problem.

I have so many tips but if I have to narrow it down, here are my top 3 tips for getting back to exercise:

  1. Join a supportive group. This may be your local NHS cardiac rehab, a local phase 4 exercise class – search for your closest class at www.cardiacrehab.org.uk. You could also join an online support group such as the Healthy Hearties Facebook group. Chatting to others who have been through what you have can be reassuring. You can learn from others, join in the chats or watch and learn from afar. Having a support group can improve your confidence, form new friendships and give you an incentive to turn up to exercise!
  2. Learn and research. The more you can understand about your condition, the more you can help improve your health, fitness and quality of life. Understanding how that lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise can improve your quality of life means you’re more likely to be motivated to keep up those changes. Learn by asking your medical team questions, reading, researching books and articles and learning from others in your class. You are much more likely to stick to a program if you know the reason why it’s good for you!
  3. Take one step at a time. Start out slowly and build up gradually. You’ll soon be doing much more after a few weeks. With guidance from your instructor, you can add new exercises and do more and more each time. Everyone has a different goal – find out what you enjoy, set some goals and make exercise a habit. Many of my clients are walking further everyday than they did pre heart event, some have started jogging, others returned to road cycling and one has even completed a marathon!”

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