Healthy Hearties in Surrey this April

Thank you so much for those who came to the April Healthy Hearties meeting. It was great to see so many and we had a lot of new faces this month which was great to see.

The Healthy Hearties Surrey Group meets once per month at St Paul’s Church, East Molesey. We talk about all things heart – the good, the bad, the ugly and the humorous! The group was set up by Angela Hartley as a way for people with a heart condition to find out more, learn about keeping their heart healthy and meet others in a similar position. The range of heart conditions is wide – from congenital heart problemsn (those born with it), to heart attacks, bypass surgery, rhythm problems (and not just on the dancefloor!) and more. It’s friendly, relaxed and we’ve learnt a lot since we started in January!

Starting with another motivating talk from Eddie about his journey from overworked, overweight and having a heart attack and bypass surgery to becoming a running coach for other beginners. His determination to keep going is amazing and it made us think that it’s possible to do more than we think we can.


We then had a very energetic talk from East Molesey Chiropractor Mun Wey To who gave a fantastic talk about the ‘6 Pillars of Health’. We tend to fall down in one of the areas and his advice was to focus on helping ourselves to feel well because that then gives us the energy to help others. If you’d like to see Mun his practice is just down the road from St Paul’s – check out his website HERE.

Speaking of energy, my talk was all about energy (or lack of) that we often struggle with when we have a heart condition. It’s one of the most common issues that I hear from my clients. The talk got people talking about when their energy is at it’s lowest and some of the reasons that may be. I’ve got a blog post HERE if you want to know more about boosting your energy.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday the 21st of May from 2-3pm at St Paul’s Church, Church Road, East Molesey. Looking forward to seeing you there! See the flyer below for more details.

Copy of Copy of For more information, please contact Angela Hartley_ us on Facebook for updates_ www.facebook.comgroupshealthyheaertiessurrey (1)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a great week!


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