Informed Consent & Disclaimer
You are entering into the Healthy Hearties Inner Circle programme that includes exercise, lifestyle coaching and nutrition advice. This is a group exercise programme and exercise will not be tailored specifically to you thus you must take it as general advice. You will be offered differing levels of exercise that you will be and you must choose a level that is appropriate to your current health and fitness and medical condition. If in doubt, choose the beginner level. You will be given clear instructions regarding the amount and type of exercise you should do to achieve your goals safely. The nutritional advice is to be taken as a guide only and you must check with your medical team and/or dietician before making changes to your diet.


  • Report any unusual symptoms that you experience before, during or after exercise.
  • Follow all recommendations made by us concerning the limits on any exercise or health-related activities that you may be encouraged to do.
  • Please ensure that you have a thorough medical assessment and obtain medical clearance from a Consultant or GP before commencing any new exercise programme.
  • Attend the monthly Q&A to keep up to date and ask questions
  • Withhold any information pertinent to your health or any symptoms you may have
  • Exercise when you are not feeling well
  • Withhold any information that may affect your exercise ability
  • Start any new exercise programme or diet without prior permission from your doctor
  • Start any supplements or change your diet without consulting your doctor, pharmacist or dietician
There exists the possibility of certain changes occurring during any exercise. Although uncommon, they include abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorder of heartbeat and in rare instances, heart attack, stroke or death. Every effort will be made to minimise these risks by regularly asking you to assess your heart rate, breathing and effort level. Please exercise safely and use caution when doing so eg ensure there is adequate lighting, the area is safe around you, someone knows where you are and you have access to call emergency services.
  • All individual classes must be paid for in advance
  • The Healthy Hearties Inner Circle is a monthly program and must be paid for in advance for the month ahead
  • You will be billed on the same date each month (on the same date you joined).
  • You agree to report any unusual, new or worsened symptoms or health concerns.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have any required medication, eg inhalers, GTN spray etc, that you may need during exercise
  • Any information obtained while you are a member will be treated as privileged and confidential. All information shared in the Healthy Hearties Inner Circle Facebook Group will not be shared out off that group without your prior permission.
  • You agree to voluntarily participate in the Healthy Hearties Inner Circle Program and classes
  • You acknowledge that you have read this contract in its entirety or it has been read to you, and you agree your responsibilities in the Healthy Hearties Inner Circle in which you will be engaged.
  • You accept the risks, and contract set forth.
  • You agree that if you sustain or claim to sustain any injury or illness whilst taking part in your programme, you release Angela Hartley (Clinical Exercise) of any liability, except where caused by negligence.
  • If applicable, you have sought medical advice and your GP or consultant has agreed that you may exercise.
  • You agree not to share, copy, forward or publically display any material you have access to in the Healthy Hearties Inner Circle. All material remains the intellectual property of Angela Hartley and in breaking this term you may be in breach of copyright.
Refund and cancellation policy
  • Angela Hartley will offer a full refund of the programme amount if you wish to cancel your membership within 14 days. To do so, you must inform in writing that you are not happy to continue with the membership. You must outline in writing the reason for you not being satisfied. In order to qualify for a full refund, you must have completed the following:
  • To cancel your membership, please email before the your next payment is due to come out (eg if you started on June 25, you must email before July 25) and your membership will be cancelled. You will be removed from the Facebook group and your access to the membership site will be removed at the end of your paid month.


  • All of your personal data will be stored securely and will not be shared with any third parties
  • Your personal information will only be used to ensure your safety during classes
  • Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and please let us know if you require access to any of your information