Recover with confidence from heart attack or surgery

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Helping you recover from a heart problem

Questions after a heart attack or surgery

The questions I can answer for you include post heart attack worries, what is ‘normal’ after a heart attack or heart surgery, what food is heart healthy, how to exercise safely and so much more. During a programme with me, I would cover a huge range of things that come up such as when can you drive again, how to improve your mindset and mood after heart surgery, supplements that support the heart, when is it safe to return to sex, healthy recipes and so much more (probably about the heart too).

I have trained 100’s of people like you and helped them to get back ‘the old them’. From our very first appointment when they share their experiences with being told they have a heart condition, we are on a journey together. My clients talk through their worries about the future, the fear of exercise, what is ‘normal’ for their type of heart problem, what to ask at hospital appointments and why you are on a certain medication. 

If you’ve felt worried about what life will be like after a heart attack or whether you’ll be able to exercise again after open heart surgery, then you’re about to find out how to life your best life with a heart condition!

Helping you to get back to the ‘old you’ after a heart attack or surgery

I’m an expert in getting people ‘back up and running’ when they have a heart condition. It’s so helpful to have someone like me to be on your side, go through all of the things your medical team didn’t get time to do and hold your hand through this turbulent time. As a cardiac nurse and cardiac rehab personal trainer I love all things heart related so if you’re looking to improve your heart health, you’re in the right place!

Who am I and how do I know so much about recovery from a heart attack or heart surgery?

My name is Angela Hartley – I’m a cardiac nurse and exercise coach and I help people with any heart problems to get back up and running again (not always literally!). I run face to face programmes in my gym in Easy Molesey as well as online programmes (group and one to one) for people with a heart condition.

I started Healthy Hearties when I realised that nothing else like this existed for heart patients. So I created a programme where people like you could understand their heart condition and find out how to live life to the fullest. I help people to exercise after a heart attack in a safe and structured way. I can give you the confidence that you’re doing the right thing after heart surgery. Your questions will be answered and we go through the things you didn’t get time to at the hospital. We can arm you with knowledge that you may need such as how high your heart rate should go as well as what exercises to avoid.

How do I help people?

My programmes vary in length depending on what a person needs but most people start with my 12 week programme. You may see photos of me doing workouts with my clients in my studio gym in East Molesey, Surrey, UK. Sorry if you’re too far away to visit me in person but I’d love to help you with a bespoke programme over video calls/Zoom! Contact me to find out what sort of programme would suit you.

Please note that the information provided on this website is a guide only and does not take into account your individual circumstances. Please seek advice from a medical professional before commencing any exercise programme or new diet.

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Thank you for being here and  I look forward to helping you achieve the best heart health. Please contact me HERE with any of your concerns, questions or to find out more about my bespoke 12 week programmes for post heart attack or surgery.

Angela Hartley