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Angela Hartley, Cardiac Nurse and Personal Trainer for Cardiac Rehab
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Cardiac Rehab!

Why Cardiac Rehab? Because it will make you feel great again after a heart attack or surgery and get you back on track! After a heart attack, heart surgery or a stay in hospital, getting home can feel overwhelming and scary. Your treatment seemed to go well but the aftercare and education, may have felt a bit… underwhelming. You’ve been told hardly anything about exercise other than to ‘take it easy’. Those feelings of worry, fear and being unsure of who the ‘new you’ is exactly why I started Healthy Hearties. I want to tell all Hearties that it’s possible to be fitter, healthier and get your energy back on track, with a few simple tips.

Who am I? I’m Angela Hartley, Cardiac Nurse and Cardiac Rehab Expert! I used to be that busy nurse on the ward sending you home from the ward with a bag of medications and a wave goodbye. Now I aim to empower people with knowledge, confidence and the tools to get back out there and exercise again. The Healthy Hearties Cardiac Rehab Programme will teach you that you CAN do more than you think. And it IS good for you! In my programmes you will understand your heart condition, know more about your medications and how they affect your mood, your exercise and know what foods really are heart healthy so you can get your energy, mojo and life back! 

Meet Our Team

Healthy Hearties is run by Angela Hartley, Cardiac Nurse and Cardiac Rehab Exercise Specialist. 

Angela Hartley Cardiac Nurse Cardiac Rehab Specialist

Angela Hartley

I am an ‘Aussie in London’ although I have been here for 15 years and now live in Surrey! My favourite thing to hear from my clients is that I’ve given them the confidence to go out and exercise again. From marathon runners after a heart valve replacement, to heart failure patients who need guidance and support on what is safe, I’ve helped hundreds of Hearties get more confident, fitter, healthier and feel back in control of their lives. I want people with any type of heart condition to live a full and active life without being scared to do things. I’ll help you get your mojo back!

Virtual Assistant for Healthy Hearties


Catrice has the greatest organisational skills and loves a spreadsheet! She keeps the classes running on time, blog posts looking pretty and the general day to day social media accounts interesting and up to date. She loves Mexican food and is often heard singing 90’s music!

“My Mission Is to Get You Exercising With Confidence and Live a Life Full of Energy, Without Fear”

Cardiac rehab running

Why Work with Us?



With 17 years experience as a Cardiac Nurse in a range of fields – on the ward, in ICU, Cardiac Rehab, pre-op, education I have seen the patient journey from a wide range of angles! I know what you’ve been through because I’ve seen it from start to finish. 


Professional & Friendly

And occasionally funny.  I was born in Brisbane, Australia and moved to the UK when I was 23. So you may notice that I’m quite relaxed about ‘everything’. I take your health seriously and use my confidence about heart health to help you feel confident about your own heart’s abilities. 


Ask me all the questions!

I’ll answer all the ones you forgot to ask at the hospital about your medications or your test results. I can give you 100 x more detail than the doctor did about exercise – they told you to ‘not overdo it’, I’ll tell you exactly what you CAN do. 


Homework to follow

This may not seem like a good thing but it will give you a great guide to follow so that you feel safe doing exercise by yourself. I will either give you a heart rate to stick to or give you specific instructions. 


Diet Overhaul

We will go through your diet – is it as good as you think? Are you getting enough heart-friendly Omega 3’s? How much sugar are you eating per day (hint – it’s more than you think, even if it’s not added to your coffee). 


Energy boosters

I will recommend supplements that will improve your heart health and energy after taking your current medications into account. 

What Others Say About Us…

Healthy Hearties
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william harperwilliam harper
17:38 28 Jun 22
Healthy Hearties is the best cardiac support group on FB, owned and operated by a talented, caring and highly qualified cardiac nurse Angela Hartley. I've been a member/administrator for 6 year's now. This is 'the' place to be if you are seeking guidance and support for cardiac rehabilitation post event/surgery/diagnosis. A supportive membership to share experiences and provide support, guidance and motivation to move forward with recovery and rehabilitation...💔👌
Sarah SSarah S
12:54 19 May 22
After my heart operation in 2021 I was so very pleased to find Angela of Healthy Hearties. She’s supportive, kind and helpful and really gave me confidence again to start exercising and re-gain my strength after open heart surgery. Angela’s circuit exercise classes over Zoom are great and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace by her. The classes are fun and it is so good to connect with other attendees over Zoom. I initially signed up for 3 months but have recently bought a 12 month subscription - I would certainly be bereft without my Healthy Hearties classes and support.
08:16 19 May 22
I completed Angela’s 6 week cardiac rehab programme and it was really amazing. After being diagnosed with LVSD it was so important for me to get back into exercising and Angela has helped me do just that through kindness and encouragement. She is very knowledgeable and has been there to guide me step by step. I feel very thankful to have found Angela and Healthy Hearties and highly recommend ♥️
Larry ClarkLarry Clark
22:37 06 Nov 21
I found Healthy Hearties in March of 2020 after a Quadruple bypass on Feb 07 2020. I know that Heart Rehab was an opportunity to improve my life. Unfortunately Rehab was closed due to covid-19 here in the United States. I was told I would have to wait and maybe just do some walking. That was not the answer for me. I was new to heart failure and did not understand the effect. I did not realize how it was so different for each of us physically as well as emotionally. I found Healthy Hearties and Angela Hartley on Facebook. Angela was offering Facebook live Heart Rehab Classes. Angela is wonderful at guiding through the process of healing. The group is great in that we can share and celebrate our issue , a place where we are not alone. I have been doing these classes now for 21 months. I do it 4 days a week at 4:15 AM. They mean a lot to me. I am in better physical shape than I have been in 5 years. But importantly is emotional growth. I'm excited to see the opportunity that life now offers and see how much better my life as well as others can be.Healthy Hearties is a great place to learn about the new You.Beta 3.0Larry
James AlexanderJames Alexander
15:57 03 Nov 21
Angela is a very well informed caring professional who over the last year has given me the confidence to begin exercising at my level after a recent heart incident. I now feel I know how and when to push myself as well as when to back off. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to know more about living healthier with a heart problem

After my heart attack I wasn’t sure where to start. After working with Angela I am even fitter and healthier than before my heart attack. It is so great to have my confidence back.

Cardiac rehab running

Phillip, 2023

Heart Attack, CABG, Kidney Transplant

Getting you fitter and confident is our mission

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