Work With Me After Your Heart Attack or Surgery to Feel Great Again

Had a heart attack or heart surgery and feel overwhelmed and unsure about what you can and can’t do?

Want to run again but aren’t sure how to do it safely?

Sick of feeling rubbish and want to move on but feel a bit stuck?

Then you’re in the right place!

I’m Angela Hartley, Cardiac Nurse and Exercise Coach and I’m here to help you get fitter, stronger and get your mojo back after a heart attack or heart surgery. I offer private cardiac rehab exercise sessions to get you fit again, running (if you want to) and get your energy and mojo back. There is life after a heart attack or heart surgery!

You can see me in East Molesey, Surrey or over Zoom from anywhere in the world!

Work with me – Cardiac Rehab

Blood pressure, reduce hypertension
Personalised Programmes

I will meet you with Face to Face (in East Molesey, Surrey) or over Zoom to go through a 90 minute assessment with you. After this assessment we will go through which programme is most suitable for you based on your goals.

One-off sessions

These are great if you’ve completed a programme with more or just need a ‘check-in’ to make sure you’re on track. In this 60 minute session we will have a catch up, take some measurements, go through a mini-session and set more goals for you and a new home programme if required. 

Nutrition and Supplement Advice

Having a heart condition can be scary, not only are you dealing with what’s happened but you may be on a whole raft of new medications. This can then be confusing as to what supplements you are allowed to take with your new medications, as well as what the best diet is for you to prevent future problems. We will go through all of your medication, side effects, goals and talk through how a healthy diet can help improve your energy and assist in the recovery process. I will put together a list of supplement recommendations that safe to take and will improve your symptoms.

Zoom classes

My classes are fun and get you started on your exercise journey in a safe, gentle way. You will always start out easy and gradually can make things harder as you go. Some of my class do the exercises seated, some hold 10kg weights (and everything in between). We have a catch-up chat while we work out so we can iron out any concerns. Video on or off is optional so if you’re shy you don’t have to show your face! Beginners very welcome – these classes are for you! Low impact, no jumping!

Catch-up chats

Join me on Zoom for a catch-up chat – I hold these regularly each month as a safe, confidential place you can ask questions, share results, ask for tips from the other Hearties and get support and advice from me. 

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Ask me a question

Get in touch to ask me a question about your heart, your recovery or your exercise


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What You Need to Know About Cardiac Rehab

Healthy Hearties is a private, personalised cardiac rehab programme to help you feel like yourself again after a heart attack, heart surgery or any other heart diagnosis. You’ll also have access to a friendly community of like minded people that want to have fun and get fit, whilst ensuring your heart is well looked after. I want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and it’s so important to me that you get back to enjoying life and not be held back by your heart condition. The NHS cardiac rehab can be great if you’ve been able to get referred to it – this is another level up from that – personalised, with a specialist nurse on hand to answer all your questions, fears and concerns and set you tangible, real goals so that you can see and feel the progress you are making. 

No matter how unfit you are or what heart condition you have, I can help! My private cardiac rehab programs you make you feel confident again about your heart, your body and the future. Let’s get you back living your best life! Here’s how we make your cardiac rehab such high quality:


Personalised for you

We always take into account your medical history, medications, energy levels and overall goals to tailor a programme for you that is safe, effective and fun.


Time = knowledge + power

Having someone with the cardiac knowledge and experience that I have is invaluable – you can ask a huge number of questions, we can dig deeper into your concerns and narrow down ways that will really improve your quality of life. If there’s something I don’t know, I will find out, write to your doctor or do more research!


Results are personal

You may like to run 5k again. You may just like to not feel exhausted when you wake up. You may like to be able to walk upstairs without puffing. We set specific goals that we build upon as we go and make sure the programme is relevant to making your life better!


It IS possible to feel better than you do now

Together we will work out what is affecting your energy levels. We will go through your medications, potential side effects, nutrient deficiencies and sleep to create a plan on improving your energy levels and mojo!

“Angela has helped to restore my faith that life can be enjoyable. She helped me to understand what has happened to my heart and what all of my medications are for. She made some really simple changes to my diet and I feel so much better for it. I’ve lost 8lb and I have more energy, sleep better and actually look forward to exercise now! Thank you Angela!”

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Heart Attack, 2022

Getting you fitter & stronger is my mission

Recover, get your energy back, move forward


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