About Healthy Hearties

This site is about all things heart. Heart conditions, post heart attack worries, after surgery troubles, heart jokes, heart memes, heart healthy foods, exercise tips, supplements that support the heart, recipes, banter and more (probably about the heart too). I post stories about people like you – their experiences with being told they have a heart condition, their fears about the future, the fun (or not so much fun) of cardiac rehab, hospital appointments and things their doctor did (or didn’t) say.

It’s run by me, Angela Hartley – I run the Healthy Hearties Facebook group where we have a LOT of support from fellow Hearties (join HERE).

I’m a cardiac nurse and exercise coach. I run face to face and online programmes for people with a heart condition. The programmes vary in length depending on what a person needs. You may see photos of me doing workouts with my clients in my studio gym in East Molesey, Surrey, UK. Sorry if you’re too far away to visit!

Let me know what you want to know more about!

Please note that the information provided is a guide only and does not take into account your individual circumstances. Please seek advice from a medical professional before commencing any exercise programme or new diet.

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